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Laser Cutting Steel

High Definition Plasma Cutting

Our ability to cut our own components cost-effectively from steel plate up to 120mm thick is the start of a complete manufacturing service to O.E.M.s.

At the heart of this ability is our Esprit Viper High Definition Plasma cutting machine. With a bed size of 10m x 2.5m and the ability to cut up to 35mm mild steel it provides the business with a solid foundation for further manufacturing processes such as machining and fabrication.

Flame Cutting

Our four headed Techserv Oxy-Propane CNC Flame Cutting machine, when used in conjunction with our Procut CAD package means we can cut mild steel up to 120mm quickly and cost-effectively.  

A bed size of 5000mm x 2500xmm, in-house fettling capability and its own dedicated 10 Tonne overhead crane again means the machine can handle most of what is thrown at it.

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